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Dr. Jennifer Bledsoe

Affectionately known as Dr. Jen to her patients, she is a graduate of Life University. Native to New Jersey, she decided to attend the largest chiropractic school in the world after earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science at Shippensburg University. Dr. Jen was first introduced to chiropractic through back problems of her own in middle and high school, from playing soccer as a goalkeeper. She first experienced the great benefits of chiropractic after waking up with excruciating low back pain and having difficulty walking after a tough practice session.


After one visit to the chiropractor she was able to walk out the office and play in her game that afternoon. The following season Dr. Jen reinjured her ankle for the third time. After receiving an ankle adjustment, she noticed her injury healed faster resulting in quicker return to the playing field.

After both these experiences she felt chiropractic was something every athlete needs. Once starting her extensive career at Life University Dr. Jen began to appreciate the vitalistic philosophy and started to understand chiropractic is not just for athletes and performance, but also for the general public and overall health and healing from womb to tomb. She is also a believer in taking the guess work out of an evaluation, so she utilizes the most advanced technology to assess and evaluate the nervous system and your specific problem area through the Pierce Results System. The Pierce Technique is a system of analysis that incorporates Logan Basic, Thompson, and Palmer HIO techniques and utilizes thermocouple thermographic instrumentation.

While in school, Dr. Jen joined the world’s largest student organization, World Congress of Chiropractic Students, to discuss different chiropractic ideas and practices with world renowned chiropractors and leaders in various countries around the world. Currently Dr. Jen is expanding her knowledge in caring for athletes by earning her Masters in Sport Chiropractic at Life University to better aid her athletic practice members while still caring for her patients.If you want to express your maximum potential, Dr. Jen and the Atlanta Spine Doctors are excited to meet you and aid you in your journey to health and healing.

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